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Our Art Gallery presents paintings by artist Tapani Piirto, in its exhibitions.

Tapani Piirto was born in South Ostrobothnia but has now been living in Helsinki for Years. Piirto has developed a rich personal vision which he transports into his art often with a very figurative way. His art mesmeririzes with its positive light, movement and joie de vivre.

In Tapani Piirto's own words:
Painting has never been just a job for me, it's also a passion and therapy, in its way also a meaning for living. A person is at her best when she forgets herself and just lets things flow.

When I get carried a way with painting, I don't even think about sleeping. The night falls but I continue working, letting music play in the background.

Sometimes I find myself holding the brush in the small hours. The always so inviting canvas fills little by little with lines, colours and light. Sometimes a dancing couple materializes on the canvas, moving though my head and hands, almost in secret without explanations. Suddenly, there it is.