Savonlinna 16.6.-11.8.2024
Teijo 7.9.-1.12.2024


Tapani Piirto dances an atmospheric tango with the tip of a brush. He always conjures up in front of us the most fascinating paintings. Piirto is nicely and skillfully at ease with colors very different from each other. The current theme, feeling and situation dictates the color scale for him. Tunefulness and harmony are wonderfully present in the works of art of Piirto. Music has been a repetitious, enchanting and touching thing for Tapani Piirto, that’s also what reading has been for him. He wants to keep a healthy soul in a healthy body and so six-kilometer runs are an essential part of his daily routines. Many of Tapani Piirto’s paintings have a subtle, a bit mysterious and even slightly dreamy atmosphere. He doesn’t often paint the faces of the people in his works. So, we each get to play a role in the artistic process in our own way. We can give faces to the people in Piirto’s paintings.
Again, we get a deep sense of how Tapani Piirto has an innate sense of style. He has a naturally aesthetic eye. We can really be happy about that. Once again, we can be thrilled with the works of Tapani Piirto here in Savonlinna, where Piirto and his paintings are already for the 26th time. There will be no summer for Tapani Piirto without Savonlinna.

Marja Uusiluoto-Raaska an artist from Turku, was born in 1949 in Helsinki. Marja, who currently lives in Raisio as a member of Savesta ry, has learned new techniques and ways of working. The subjects for the works can be found in everyday life, or some attractive form in nature provides the initial impetus. Sometimes the clay starts to live its own life in your hands and there is no information about the end result. Burning works can also cause exciting changes to the end result. In the finishing phase, you can feel a special emotional charge, when the work is treated with e.G. Oxides or sulfate and dried seaweed and a fresh dandelion leaf are added to the surface. Art lives in the hands of its creator.